MDC A women up in arms against chairman

Political reporter

MDC Alliance Harare Province Women’s Assembly is up in arms against the provincial chairperson, Wellington Chikombo whom they are accusing of being a dictator.

An insider disclosed that the women’s assembly convened a meeting at one of the executives’ residence in Chitungwiza where they plotted to petition the party’s leader, Nelson Chamisa to fire Chikombo. According to the insider, failure to fire or at least demote Chikombo will result in the women resigning en masse.

“The top executive of the provincial women’s assembly gathered in Chitungwiza last week and deliberated on the dictatorial leadership style of Chikombo. They claim that Chikombo never allows anyone an opportunity to air their views. The say the provincial leader behaves in a thuggish manner, openly threatening those who express different views from his and he does this even in an official meeting.

“This is the reason why his deputy failed to attend the recent meeting. Chikombo had vowed to beat him in that meeting,” said the insider.

Chikombo is also accused of sexually abusing female members. The women have lined up young girls who are to testify against Chikombo. The contact said if Chamisa ignored their plea, they would approach the courts and thereafter resign en masse.

Chikombo is a close ally of Chamisa making it a remote possibility for the later to pay attention to the women’s plea. Insiders say the women are being pushed by Biti led Maruva cabal. It is reported that the Chitungwiza meeting was sponsored by Job Sikhala. The former vice chairperson has vowed to settle scores with Chamisa who reduced him to the ranks recently.

The Maruva cabal is fighting to dethrone Chamisa before the Harmonised Elections scheduled for next year. Their fight is being sponsored by a number of Western embassies which believe the youthful leader lacks the capacity to oust ZANU PF.