Phased free primary education system starts 2023

Staff Reporter

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday revealed that there shall be a phased free primary education system in the country starting 2023.

Speaking during the 42nd independence celebrations in Bulawayo yesterday, the President highlighted that the Government would continue to support the expansion of science related infrastructure in schools.

“Following almost two years of unprecedented Covid-19 disruptions, it is pleasing that the education sector has returned to normalcy. Plans are underway to ensure both quantitative and qualitative improvement of our education institutions. Given that the level of development of a nation is dependent on the teaching and adoption of science, technology and innovation, resources will continue to be channelled towards expanding the availability of science related infrastructure throughout all schools in the country,” said President Mnangagwa, adding that this will be complemented by the construction of Government boarding schools in each district.

The President noted that the Schools Financing policy will see the equalisation of opportunities for a higher quality of education for all learners throughout the country.

In line with the country’s Education 5.0 philosophy, the President revealed that institutions of higher learning were receiving the requisite support, in the process propelling scientific and technology driven innovation and productivity towards the establishment of sustainable business enterprises for the emerging national economic realities and needs.

While addressing school children during the 42nd Children’s Party at the State House in Bulawayo recently, the President revealed that disadvantaged school children who benefit under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) will this year receive school uniforms and stationary on top of the school fees they receive from Government, a clear testimony of how the Second Republic is committed to the success and development of the country’s education sector.