CCC members lambasted for criticizing ZANU PF

Staff Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party has been accused of intolerance to diverse views, as it continues to attack the ruling party ZANU PF at every turn.

This was revealed by staunch CCC activist Setfree Nherera Mafukidze, through his official Twitter handle. He advised members of the CCC to be mature and respond to questions asked and depart from hostility and hate language.

“This response came through my Direct Message (DM) zvanzi vanhu veCCC murikutuka vanhu who ask genuine questions about issues of governance and accountability.  Read for yourselves and do not insult the writer, argue with facts uyu ataurawo zvake,” he posted.

The cited response highlighted that some of Chamisa`s MPs once controlled the local authorities and did nothing to develop the urban areas.

“Some of those CCC MPs were running the city councils at some point, and its common knowledge how council roads and amenities were and still are in a bad state.

“I am even scared to post about this freely because CCC is such a close minded party, they do not even allow anyone else to have any other view different from theirs,” read the message.

One Chandra tweeted that she was very disappointed in how the CCC party conducts its politics, claiming that its operations are against the very principles of democracy that it claims to represent.

“…I will not vote for CCC either. It is disappointing that people are attacked for asking such basic questions,” she said.