People are losing faith in Chamisa-Prof Moyo

Political Reporter

Self-exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has said that the majority of Zimbabweans are beginning to see the true political colours of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa and have lost faith in him.

Prof Moyo said the belief that people had that Chamisa was a barrier breaker and a national builder was slowly fading away.

“The promise that many Zimbabwe’s body politic saw in Chamisa in and after 2018 was that he appealed across the political divide, not as a party leader but as a barrier breaker and bridge builder with potential to craft a new national consensus. That promise is fading away,” said Prof Moyo.

Professor Moyo added that by refusing to go for an elective congress, the CCC has proved that it can’t be a political alternative in Zimbabwe as there was no democracy in that party.

“The CCC one centre of power, with no constitution and no congress is problematic on multiple fronts. First and foremost, it’s counterproductive for a self-proclaimed democratic alternative to base itself on one centre of power. How then will the democratic breakthrough come about?” said Prof Moyo.

Moyo scoffed at CCC for calling itself a coalition of citizens and lectured that citizens cannot enter into a political coalition with one another.

“CCC claims to be a coalition of citizens. Well, as individuals, citizens cannot enter into a coalition with one another. As Zimbabweans by birth, descent or registration, citizens do not make a party coalition, they make a nation-state. By structure, a party is not a coalition,” added Prof Moyo.

Meanwhile, some CCC members have confided in this publication that they would rather vote for ZANU PF in the coming elections as they can’t risk voting for a party they don’t know its ideology or vision.

“It’s better I vote for the devil I know than the one I don’t. So if I’m to vote, I would rather vote for ZANU PF than CCC because I don’t even know what CCC is about or has to offer to me besides them talking about ZANU PF,” said the CCC member who preferred anonymity.

The CCC is refusing to go for an elective congress to elect substantive leaders and ratify their constitution arguing that it has no funds to sponsor the congress.