CCC has no chance of grabbing State power-Prof Moyo

Political Reporter

Self-exiled and former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has reminded the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) that it has no chance of dethroning ZANU PF as a ruling party in Zimbabwe.

Writing on his Twitter handle recently, Professor Moyo pointed out that the opposition in Zimbabwe had no chance of getting political power to govern.

“An opposition political party whose loquacious gatekeepers routinely behave as if their party is owed anything by anyone has no chance in heaven of winning or getting political power to govern, especially in a country like Zimbabwe,” said Prof Moyo.

Commenting on Prof Moyo’s tweet, one Nominate White concurred with Prof Moyo that CCC is a party of overzealous members who have no strategy of winning State power. Further, claiming that Zimbabweans are better off being led by ZANU PF than CCC whose ideology is not known.

Prof Moyo’s statement came at a time when former Chivi South legislator, Killer Zivhu recently described the CCC party as political juveniles with no political strategy to grab State power. He claimed that President Mnangagwa will triumph in all the coming presidential elections and will only vacate State House through retirement.

“ED (President Mnangagwa) will vacate State House in July 2034. This is final, nothing will happen. Even America or Britain cannot stop this.  2034 panobva ED avakundozorora CCC inenge ichiriko here? Kumamisha councillor we ZANU PF anohwina ne thousand and above votes venyu vachihwina ne161 votes chete moti 2034 munenge muchiripo? Musatamba imi,” added Zivhu.

Meanwhile, there is disgruntlement within CCC as party members are questioning the whereabouts of the money that was raised to purchase a bullet proof vehicle for Nelson Chamisa. There are reports that the money was squandered by Chamisa together with his close allies.