‘Chin’ono is politically immature’

Political Reporter

Chartered Accountant, Againstprof Makuyana aka Tichatonga Nzenzeke has lashed at Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Hopewell Chin’ono for behaving like a kindergarten pupil.

Makuyana said it was a pity that a grown up adult like Chin’ono was still behaving like a teenager in political issues.

“Hopewell Chin’ono is older than my father but he behaves younger than me. The guy has the audacity to go and write about me on his Twitter page. I am not sure what he wants to achieve. Is it by force that people should be CCC members? Please stop abusing me sekuru Chin’ono,” said Makuyana.

Makuyana added that Chin’ono should not insult those who differ with him politically and ideologically.

“He (Chin’ono) call young people ‘unfocused youths’ for not doing what he failed to do when he was a youth. Go around and see if you will see a 50 plus years responsible man who insults young people for failing an agenda he never dreamt of. People like Arthur Mutambara and Professor Lovemore Madhuku were very vocal in their 30s. In their 50s, they are now focusing on building legacies and you won’t hear them blaming ZANU PF,” added Makuyana.

According to Makuyana, Chin’ono does not deserve to be treated like an adult as he always picks fights with people younger than him.

Makuyana further castigated CCC members for not being receptive to different political views and he vowed that he will never join that party. He said CCC has no capacity to be the next government as it was more of a cult than a political party.

Meanwhile, there are reports that some CCC members are now tired of Chin’ono whom they accuse of feeding Chamisa with toxic advice that was not in the interests of that party.