Goromonzi residents pleased with road rehabilitation

Staff reporter

Goromonzi residents have expressed joy over the completion of the refurbishment of the road which links their growth point with the Harare-Mutare highway.

Speaking to this publication, a Goromonzi resident, Simbarashe Masvosva commended the Government for its efforts in infrastructure development, specifically the roads which have an impact on their daily lives and livelihoods.

"This road is one of the busiest roads which link us to the highway and it has been in bad shape since the rainy season. Although it is just a two kilometer stretch, it took us ages to reach the highway because it had become unnavigable. I'm very happy with the positive change I'm seeing here," said Masvosva.

Another resident, Chenai Timbo, who commutes to work every day, commended the responsible authorities for a splendid job.

"I work in Harare CBD, so I would previously wake up very early because it took motorists ages to navigate that road and reach the Harare-Mutare highway but that's a thing of the past now. I can wake up at a reasonable time knowing that it will not take long for me to reach work. In as much as it is just 2km, the time it used to take motorists to reach the highway is actually the same it took them to reach Harare CBD once in the highway. Now it just takes about five minutes to reach the highway,” said Timbo.

Meanwhile, Mashonaland East Province Engineer, Mrs Martha Ndoro said they would soon put speed humps to avoid unnecessary accidents which may be caused by speeding motorists on the rehabilitated Goromonzi road