Gvt to pay competitive remuneration to civil servants

Staff Reporter

Government has reviewed the monetary and non-monetary benefits for all civil servants to ensure that their welfare is well catered for.

Speaking at  a press conference today in Harare, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube said that Government was committed to improving the welfare of all its civil servants working in various Government Ministries.

“The Government of Zimbabwe recognises and appreciates the tireless work and unwavering commitment to duty of all Civil Servants across the three arms of the state, namely the Executive (whole of Government), the Legislature (Parliament), the Judiciary, including Grant Aided entities, Agencies and Independent Commissions.

“To this end, Government has been closely monitoring developments in the macro economy, with a view of ensuring that exogenous shocks from adverse macro-economic developments do not seriously erode the purchasing power of Civil Servants` salaries.

“As such, Government has been reviewing the cash and non-cash benefits of Civil servants,”  said Minister Ncube.

Minister Ncube highlighted that the health professionals would be given all their allowances and these include; doctors, nurse managers, all nurses, nurse aids, general hands and laboratory scientists. He added that there was a provision of institutional housing for all health workers.

He further said that the provision of housing loans and access to the duty-free importation of a single motor vehicle for personal use would apply  to all civil servants.

Minister Ncube reiterated that school fees shall be paid to teachers’ three biological children adding that the current limit was ZW$20 000 per term.

Minister Ncube said that the Government would pay a 100 percent salary increment to all civil servants effective 1 July whilst negotiations were on-going with the Apex Council.

Meanwhile, the Minister articulated Government`s commitment to pay competitive remuneration to Civil Servants  in order to retain critical skills and derive efficient public services adding that Government will continue to analyze conditions of service for all Civil Servants in order to appropriately and timeously benchmark these in line with economic developments.