Ngarivhume planned demo flops

Political Reporter

Planned demonstrations that were spearheaded by Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) leader, Jacob Ngarivhume together with Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party, flopped dismally last Monday after Zimbabweans went about their businesses.

There were reports that TZ and CCC were organising violent demonstrations meant to ferment chaos and cause an uprising in the country in a bid to unconstitutionally dethrone the elected Government of President Mnangagwa. (When was the demonstration scheduled?)

A survey conducted by this publication on Monday revealed that Zimbabweans ignored the call to demonstrate, leaving the convenors with an egg on the face.

People who spoke to this publication accused opposition politicians of pushing to have a violent confrontation with the Government instead of offering alternative solutions to the current economic challenges.

Amai Ethel Mwenga of Mbare said Ngarivhume should channel his energy to developmental issues not confrontational politics.

“I urge Ngarivhume to channel his energy towards the development of this country instead of calling for demonstrations against the Government. If he truly loves this country, he should desist from fomenting chaos in the country,” said Mwenga.

Gilbert Gondo of Hatfield added that he ignored the call for protests because he was tired of being used by selfish politicians who don’t have people’s interests at heart.

“The likes of Ngarivhume and Nelson Chamisa are into politics to fatten their pockets. Their political careers thrive on crisis. I chose to ignore the call for demonstrations because I realised that the demonstrations were not beneficial to ordinary Zimbabweans but to the organisers who were set to receive some stipends from their handlers after the demonstrations,” added Gondo.

Ben Chakari, a vendor in Harare CBD further said that Zimbabweans ignored the anticipated demonstrations because they didn’t want to be used as political pawns by the likes of Ngarivhume.

“Gone are the days when these politicians could use us to score cheap political goals. I decided to go and work for my family instead of wasting the whole day just to please the political ego of Ngarivhume and Chamisa,” said Chakari.

It’s not the first time that Zimbabweans have ignored Ngarivhume’s call for demonstrations. Last year, the demonstrations that were scheduled for 31 July dismally flopped as people ignored Ngarivhume’s call for demonstrations.