Business Community Hails Election Outcome

by Gift Mashoko

The Business Community has hailed the outcome of the Presidential election, saying that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been given an opportunity  to continue fulfilling his ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ mantra which creates a conducive business environment for both local and foreign investors.

An economic analyst, Dr Davison Gomo yesterday said that as the business community, they were pleased that the country now had a legitimate President who has been voted into office by the people of Zimbabwe.

“We now have a legitimate President and that is very important, businesses environment requires stability and especially a peaceful nation,” he said

Dr Gomo said the President had shown that he was a good man who built the business confidence in Zimbabwe way before the election period.

“The President has shown traits of being clear of what he wants as business confidence began rising long before election,” he said.

Dr Gomo is of the view that Zimbabwe is fast becoming an attractive economic hub as people who were not sure and were on the fence on how to go about their business during the election period and now that the elections are over, ideas can be translated into action without wasting time.

Dr Gomo said stability with President Mnangagwa would help in the translation of ideas into action and that the Government had a plan.

“Stability with President Mnagagwa in office will help the translation of business ideas into action.

“Government has a plan and the election did not cut off Government’s plan, instead it will be a firm legitimacy which was critical and it is now in place,” he said.

“This President has no time to waste. We will hold him accountable, however, we know that he means business and he means every word,” he said.