Kasukuwere sympathiser told off over marginalisation claims

Taurai Masamba

A netizen, who identifies himself as Bla B (@bmsonza) on Twitter got more than what he had bargained for, when he claimed that ZANU PF would lose the 2023 elections in Mashonaland Central because Government had not carried out much development in the Province.

“ZANU PF hayilume Mash Central (Province) where I come from. Our province is largely ignored for development and participation in national politics. And our people are ready to say NO! We faced the most in brutalities during liberation war and yet our infrastructure gets the least attention,” Msonza tweeted.

Other netizens were, however, not amused by his bid to create disaffection against Government ahead of the watershed polls for the benefit of the mainstream opposition or the G40 elements like Saviour Kasukuwere who has been trying to seize control and leadership of ZANU PF. Some told him plainly of how Kasukuwere was responsible for many past acts of violence in the province and failed to use their tenure in Government to develop their own province.

“Mash Central was destroyed and ignored by people like Kasukuwere (that) you support. All they did was to traumatise the general people. ZANU PF inototyisa kutaura nezvayo because of what the G40 did there,” fumed back one Twitter user, Nyamuzihwa (@leebryt).

Msonza attempted to feebly defend the G40 but most netizens would have none of it. In the process, he unwittingly exposed that he held a brief from Kasukuwere to turn the people of the province against the ZANU PF leadership to improve his chances of being accepted back in the party.

“I can tell you right now that Kasukuwere also wants what is best for Mash Central. People change,” tweeted Msonza but many were not interested.

“People disappeared, people were tortured and you come out vying for these evil people. Instead help us the young generation to be more involved in developmental issues than team renyu iro,” Nyamuzihwa responded.

Others pointed out how Msonza’s tweet was mere baseless propaganda against the ZANU PF national leadership to prop up Kasukuwere.

“Maybe I don't know the criteria you are using in coming to this conclusion but three of the ten major dams under construction (in Zimbabwe) are in Mash Central (Province). The Bindura one, the Semwa Dam across Ruya (River) in Rushinga and the other one in Muzarabani/Dande area,” responded one Kure Kwemeso.

Msonza becomes the latest Mashonaland Central Province resident to be roped in by Kasukuwere in his bid to worm his way into the national leadership of ZANU PF ahead of next year’s elections. The others are former ZANU PF members, Sybeth Msengezi and Godfrey Tsenengamu.