The 2nd Republic is a Gvt of the people-Pres Mnangagwa

Political Reporter

The Second Republic is a Government of the people; by the people and for the people and is committed to transparency and accountability to the people of Zimbabwe.

This was said by President Mnangagwa today during his address to the nation at the National Heroes Acre to commemorate the 42nd Heroes Day celebrations.

“The Second Republic is a Government of the people; by the people and for the people. We are committed to transparency and accountability to the people of our great motherland, Zimbabwe,” said the President.

Speaking at the same occasion, the President said Zimbabwe was born out of the blood and sweat of the late heroes and heroines and he urged Zimbabweans to jealously protect the country from evil machinations by the detractors.

“Equally, ours is a nation born out of the sweat and blood of our forbearers, which generation after generation continues to flow beneath our sacred land. From under our feet that blood shall forever water and replenish our resolve to take on any enemy and challenge now and in the future.

“As we converge at this sacred National Shrine, we therefore stand emboldened by the spirit of our heroes to bravely face, head-on, those who seek to do harm to our people and beloved motherland, Zimbabwe,” said the President.

The President added that 42 years after the country attained its independence; his Government was still motivated to ultimately transform Zimbabwe into a modern, industrialised and prosperous society.

President Mnangagwa said that Zimbabweans should now direct their focus on accelerating the implementation of economic development programmes and projects as we march towards Vision 2030 of having an Upper Middle Income Economy status.

The President said that in spite of the various shocks, the country’s economy has transitioned from recovery to a phase of growth, with 4.6% projected economic growth for 2022.  He added that this growth was anchored by the mining, manufacturing, construction and tourism sectors. 

President Mnangagwa further added that the onus now rests with every individual and corporate to protect our economy from saboteurs and currency manipulators.

He added that the Pfumvudza/Intwasa Programme will not stop and remains on-going with the number of beneficiaries increasing from 1.8 million to 3 million households. 

The Head of State further urged Zimbabweans to continually strive to produce all the food needed by the country to guarantee our dignity as an independent people. He added that no Zimbabwean should be subjected to abuse and ridicule by subversive NGOs on the pretext of food aid.  

Meanwhile, there was a bumper crowd at the Heroes Acre as thousands of people thronged the national shrine for the Heroes Day celebrations. MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora was also in attendance.