Ndabaningi Sithole was a hero-Pres Mnangagwa

Political Reporter

President Mnangagwa has reiterated that the late nationalist Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole was a national hero despite his failure to observe the correct line of the Revolution during the later stages of the liberation struggle.

Speaking at the National Heroes Acre today during the 42nd Heroes Day commemorations, the President said that the late Cdes Sithole and James Chikerema should be recognised as national heroes for their historical contributions to the liberation of this country.

“As the Second Republic, we are committed to giving a holistic account of our country’s long war of liberation. We are therefore rising to the occasion and recognising other heroes and heroines such as the late Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole and the late Cde James Chikerema for their historical contributions, despite their areas of weaknesses, with regards to the observance of the correct line of the Revolution. 

“For that reason, we now honour them among the list of our national heroes and heroines. We forever remain indebted to all the heroes and heroines of our great country for the freedom, democracy and independence we enjoy to this day. Their sacrifices will never die. Tinovatenda, Siyababonga,” said President Mnangagwa.

The President added that the Second Republic will forever honour the country’s heroes and heroines, adding that Zimbabweans will always be masters of their land.

“The people of our great country shall forever be one with their land. The Second Republic which I lead will forever honour the heroes and heroines of this great country. Present day detractors and looters, in whatever guise, will never ever steal or separate us from our God given land. The Land Reform is irreversible,” added the President.

Meanwhile, Cde Sithole who was the first ZANU leader died on 12 December 2000 and was buried at his rural home in Chipinge despite his immense contribution to the liberation struggle. However President Mnangagwa believes that despite Cde Sithole’s perceived mistakes and missteps later in the struggle, he still deserves mention and acknowledgement in the national annals.