Ncube plots to snatch Matebeleland region from Chamisa

Political Reporter

As the factional feuds continue unabated in the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), that party’s interim deputy president, Professor Welshman Ncube is reportedly plotting to part ways with Nelson Chamisa and revive his now defunct MDC –N.

A source who spoke to this publication said Prof Ncube was not happy with the political cameo roles he was being given by Chamisa hence the decision to revive his party.

The source added that Prof Ncube had already started reviving the MDC-N structures with the view to announcing his departure from CCC as soon as he got enough grassroots support.

“(Prof) Ncube is in the process of reviving MDC-N structures and has already lined up a list of people whom he wishes to contest for positions of MPs and Senators in the 2023 Harmonised General Elections on the CCC ticket. However, soon after the elections, these legislators will automatically become Prof Ncube’s foot soldiers in his bid to revive and strengthen his MDC–N project. He is reportedly not happy with Chamisa’s assertion that no one has a position within CCC, hence his decision to revive his party,” said the source.

The source added that this time, Prof Ncube was not focusing on having MDC-N structures across the country but would first devote his energy to gain ground in the Matebeleland region.

According to the source, Prof Ncube was also contemplating renaming his party to CCC-Mthwakazi and had already deployed one Descent Bajila to mobilise on his behalf. A group of people who call themselves CCC Mthwakazi Diaspora were already financing Ncube to revive his political project.

The source added that during the recently held Bulilima by-elections, Ncube and his team were very active on the ground. However, they were not doing it for CCC but were laying the ground work for the revival of MDC-N.

“It was shocking that the party (CCC) congratulated (Prof) Ncube for his mobilising skills in Bulilima. The truth is that Ncube used the Bulilima by elections to lay ground for his MDC-N that he will soon rebrand to CCC-Mthwakazi,” said the source.

Meanwhile, there is an outcry within CCC  Matebeleland region caused by that party’s interim secretary general, Chalton Hwende who failed to recognise the leadership of Bulilima mobilisation leader, Veliswe Nkomo, whose mobilisation skills contributed to the win by CCC in that area.

 Hwende, who was recently in Matebeleland for his party’s Mugwazo rural mobilisation programme, was accused of dividing the people instead of uniting them.