WALPE embroiled in opposition politics

Politics Reporter

Women's Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence (WALPE) has sunk deep into opposition politics with the organisation being accused of pumping out money to support the welfare of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) duo of Joana Mamombe and Cecelia Chimbiri.

WALPE, an organisation that purports to be a women’s political empowerment and leadership academy, has reportedly reached out to Mamombe and Chimbiri offering to financially assist them as they undergo trial for faking their own abduction and communicating falsehoods.

A source who spoke to this publication said that WALPE’s Gender and Membership officer, Varaidzo Zhou recently contacted Mamombe and informed her that the organisation was concerned that their trial had gone for some time and they have decided to financially assist them until the finalisation of their case.

“WALPE has become a political organisation. Recently, they offered to financially assist Mamombe and Chimbiri until the finalisation of their case at the courts. WALPE has been pushing a false narrative that Mamombe and Chimbiri were being politically persecuted despite overwhelming evidence that shows that the women faked their own abduction,” said the source.

The source added that Mamombe and Chimbiri eventually received an undisclosed amount from Zhou when they met in Malbereign earlier this week.

There are also reports that Mamombe and Chimbiri are seriously seeking spiritual interventions so that their case can be dismissed.

According to a source, the duo is afraid that they might be jailed for a long period, hence they were frequenting white garment prophets in search of spiritual solution to their court case.

The source added that the girls had also been visiting Madzimai Maria in Hatfield seeking her spiritual services. The duo has also resolved to fast and pray as reality was slowly sinking in, that they were just a stone throw away from being jailed.

Meanwhile, Mamombe and Chimbiri’s case escalated yesterday at the courts as their latest application for postponement of trial was shot down. Prosecutor, Michael Reza opposed the application citing that there was overwhelming evidence against the duo; hence there was no need to postpone the matter.