Oneill exposed for trying to frustrate Global Compensation Deed

Staff Reporter

Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) member, Hendrick Oneill has been exposed for trying to frustrate the Global Compensation Deed, the Harare Post has learnt.

A source who spoke to this publication revealed that Oneill posted a document on Telegram entitled “CFU Compensation Awareness,” on 14 September 2022. This document was calling for resource mobilisation towards the opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) ahead of the 2023 harmonised general election campaign.

The source revealed that in the document, Oneill alleged that the Zimbabwe Government would not be able to compensate the white farmers because it is facing severe economic challenges.

“CFU member, Hendrick Oneill wrote a document to CFU members in the Diaspora advocating for resources to be mobilized towards CCC party ahead of the 2023 elections.

“Oneill said CCC party was the only party that would be able to assist these farmers to be compensated. He further articulated that the Government of Zimbabwe was insolvent and would never be able to fulfill the requirements of the Global Compensation Deed (GCD),” said the source.

Oneill lambasted the Government of Zimbabwe in the document alleging that the country was subjugated to malpractices such as corruption, entitlement and immunity to those loyal to the leadership in power.

He applauded CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa while maintaining that he had people centred policies. He alluded that pertaining to the granting of title deeds to land occupiers in both agricultural and communal areas Chamisa has clearer policy changes.

Political commentators have since castigated and dismissed Oneill as a sympathiser of the CCC’s regime change agenda.

In the document, Oneill called for interventions by churches and international community in the upcoming 2023 Harmonised General Elections without any justified reason. Oneill also claimed that ZANU PF Government would rig elections with the use of the military.