CCC factions blamed for Bulawayo city woes

Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) factional wars have been blamed for being the major obstacle behind Bulawayo City Council (BCC) woes, Harare Post can reveal.

A source at BCC said factional fights between loyalists of former Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Thokozani Khupe and those loyal to CCC interim co-vice president, Welshmen Ncube have turned into fight for control of the City.

 According to the source, Khupe loyalists believe that she has more influence and can lure investors to turn around Bulawayo’s misfortunes. This has also been aided by her alleged ability to mobilise for CCC electoral win in the just ended Bulilima council by-elections.

“Thokozani Khupe is more seasoned and influential in Matebeland compared to Welshmen Ncube who is too soft. Their fight has spilled into the day to day running of BCC such that city affairs have been neglected at the expense of party politics,” said the source.

These developments come amid revelations that BCC is in danger of a major collapse due to mismanagement and abuse of office powers.

According to the source, refuse collection has since stopped in most parts of Bulawayo whilst contaminated water has resulted in diarrhoea outbreaks in places like Pumula. Currently Pumula has 1663 confirmed cases of diarrhoea.

A visit around Bulawayo has revealed shocking scenes of rubbish spots mushrooming almost after every three inter sections. Interviews with local residents have revealed that rubbish collection was now alien to the citizens.

“Rubbish collection is now foreign here in Bulawayo. We have tried to petition the BCC but their excuse is that their trucks are now grounded and obsolete. It is unfortunate that council bills us for services they have since stopped to provide,” said one citizen.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa on various forums, have also bemoaned the sorry state of cities under the opposition control. The Second Republic had to intervene by providing services that the opposition led councils had failed to deliver.