CCC leaders attack Chin’ono

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change senior Youth Leaders, Obey Sithole and Makomborero Haruzivishe have attacked opposition activist, Hopewell Chin’ono calling him an ‘old journalist’ after he claimed in a tweet that some CCC members were working against Nelson Chamisa by pushing people away.

Chin’ono’s assertion ignited a war of words between him and the duo of Sithole and Haruzivishe, causing the former to eventually block the two on Twitter.

Sithole slated Chin’ono for thinking that he has a monopoly of opinions.

“It’s funny that after smuggling screenshots of my tweet in his thread, one old journalist (Chin’ono) decided to block me. Instead of standing firm in factual engagement, he resorted to his usual art. Daddy venyu ava thinks he has monopoly over opinions,” said Sithole.

Haruzivishe added that Chin’ono found pleasure in criticizing others but gets angry when the same happens to him.

“When they maliciously attack Chamisa, they say its constructive criticism, when we criticise them they call us unfocused,” said Haruzivishe.

Haruzivishe further labelled Chin’ono a liar who spreads falsehoods about CCC.

A source who spoke to this publication said that the war between Chin’ono and CCC youths was being sponsored by Chamisa who was no longer comfortable with Chin’ono’s growing influence within CCC.

“Don’t be surprised by this war of words between Chin’ono and CCC youths. The youths are carrying out an instruction from Chamisa who is no longer comfortable with Chin’ono’s influence within CCC. Chamisa wants Chin’ono to stop behaving like a CCC member as most of his tweets are causing tension within the party. Sithole and Haruzivishe will only stop attacking Chin’ono if Chamisa tells them to stop,” said the source.

Meanwhile, in August this year, Chin’ono also had an altercation with CCC Binga legislator, Prince Dubeko Sibanda who accused Chin’ono of being a disruptive force within that party