ZPC to solve power technical fault soon

Staff Reporter

In a bid to curtail the severe load shedding that is currently being experienced in the country, Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) has confirmed that preparations are underway for the commissioning of Hwange Thermal Power Station Unit 7.

ZPC highlighted on its official Twitter handle today that it was now conducting boiler preparations for the commissioning of Unit 7.

“In preparation for Unit 7 commissioning, ZPC is now conducting boiler pre-warming, an exercise which cleans up the boiler and turbine pipeline, removing debris accumulated during the construction phase,” posted ZPC.

Citizens and industry players have welcomed this move, highlighting that the progress on Hwange Unit 7 shows Government`s commitment to keep the turbines continuously turning for the greater good of both domestic and production purposes.

Charity Matema who works at High Glen shopping mall expressed gratitude over Government’s commitment to ensure Hwange Unit 7 is functional as it will go a long way in reducing the load shedding time and allowing them more time to work.

“This is good news. Without power, business would be slowed down. The effort by the Government in ensuring that the technical fault at Hwange is solved is greatly appreciated,” said Matema.

Robin Makwati who works as a butcher man in Epworth applauded the positive development.

“We do have confidence with the Administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Indeed it has seasoned technocrats who are well versed with their areas. This technical fault will soon be  over,” said Makwati.

Unit 7 is expected to inject an additional of 300MW to the national grid. Commissioning of the Unit will help Zimbabwe tame electricity imports and drive increased industrial production with guaranteed electricity, which is a key economic enabler. Hwange Thermal Power Station has an installed capacity of 920MW.

ZPC is also on a mission to take over the running and management of the 120MW Bulawayo City Power Station which is owned by the Bulawayo City Council (BCC).

Meanwhile, the Government is working on the Lake Gwayi-Shangani hydropower station project which is estimated to contribute 10 MW to the National Grid, further easing power shortages, as the Government moves towards electricity self-sustenance as a country.