Chamisa is precipitating into a dictator: Ruhanya

Political Reporter

Opposition activist and University of Zimbabwe (UZ) lecturer, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya has castigated Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa for surrounding himself with praise singers and refusing to consider advice from other people.

In a tweet apparently directed to Chamisa yesterday, Ruhanya said the youthful CCC leader was slowly precipitating into a dictator.

“Decisions in politics make sense when they are collective and reflect the will of people politicians represent. When you find yourself thinking you know everything, you can dribble and hurt everyone and that only your ideas matters then you are precipitating into dictatorship,” said Ruhanya.

Ruhanya added that Chamisa’s Machiavellian politics don’t work in the modern age because they are contradictory to democratic principles.

“You can’t be Machiavelli and a democrat at the same time, it’s contradictory, it’s oxymoronic, it’s an aberration,” said Ruhanya.

Commenting on the alleged differences within CCC structures, Ruhanya said differences were good for democracy but leaders should have the capacity to amicably deal with the same.

“Differences are not bad for democracy, they nourish democratic practices. In politics don’t expect to be surrounded by friends. Even in church, differences occur but what makes the church an enduring institution is the capacity of the leaders to manage differences institutionally,” claimed Ruhanya.

Ruhanya’s comments came at a time when CCC is reportedly embroiled in factional fights pitting Chamisa loyalists and the Maruva Cabal. The latter faction wants to dethrone Chamisa as the leader of that party.

Reports say that Chamisa’s dictatorial behaviour has irked most of his former allies, including Professor Moyo who has since labelled Chamisa an overzealous politician who leads a political cult that masquerades as a political party.

Efforts to get a comment from CCC interim national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere were futile as her mobile phones were not reachable.