Moyo thrashes Chamisa’s PREPARE

Political Reporter

Former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has thrashed Citizens Coalition for Change‘s (CCC) Pre-Election Pact on Electoral Reforms (PREPARE) document and described it as vague and embarrassing.

Writing on his Twitter handle yesterday, Prof Moyo said the so called seven pre-election demands by Nelson Chamisa could not be implemented with less than ten months left before the next elections.

“Given the foregoing, it must be said that Chamisa’s seven electoral reform demands coming within ten months before the 2023 general elections, are four and half years too little, too late. They are cynical and opportunistic but worse, they are vague and embarrassing,” said Prof Moyo.

Prof Moyo added that the PREPARE document was not a product of consultations as claimed by Chamisa and said that it was difficult for a structure-less party to make wide consultations on a certain issue.

“Although Chamisa says CCC’s blueprint for seven electoral reform demands comes ‘after extensive consultations with citizens, authors of the blueprint list six sources of the demands which don’t include Chamisa’s purportedly ‘extensive consultations with citizens.’

“Clearly, Chamisa’s claim that CCC’s electoral reform demands came ‘after extensive consultations with citizens’ exposes the pitfall of CCC’s lack of structures. No political party anywhere can do ‘extensive consultations with citizens without structures,” added Prof Moyo.

Moyo further lambasted Chamisa and his party for lying that there was no real time announcement of election results in Zimbabwe when in fact all elections results are announced at the polling station, although the winner might not be immediately declared.

“The release of CCC’s seven electoral reform demands has exposed the telling fact that the party and its loquacious trolls don’t know that election results in Zimbabwe are announced in real time at polling stations, immediately after counting. This is huge for vote defence.

“In 2018, results of the parliamentary, local authority and presidential elections were announced in real time to those who were present inside the 11 985 polling stations for that election in terms of Section 64(d) of the Electoral Act,” said Prof Moyo.

Moyo also claimed that Chamisa lied by saying that the PREPARE document was informed by the recommendations of the Motlanthe Commission Report as the demands excluded key recommendations of the Report including ‘the need for the registration of political parties to ensure their accountability’.

Meanwhile, Labour, Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) president, Linda Masarira also castigated Chamisa’s PREPARE document and said that it lacked pragmatism and was just academic in nature.