President denounces vote buying ahead of CC elections

Political Reporter

President Mnangagwa yesterday denounced chicanery and vote buying as the ruling ZANU PF party prepares for the Central Committee elections slated for this coming Saturday.

Giving his opening remarks at the 365th Politburo session at the Party Headquarters, President Mnangagwa said imposition of candidates was never and will never be part of the Party’s DNA.

“There is no room for chicanery of whatever nature and form. Vote-buying, violence, name dropping and imposition of candidates are not and will never be part of our political organisational DNA,” said the President.

The President added that the Central Committee elections must be approached with great diligence, purpose and spirit of camaraderie.

“This is more so as the Central Committee is the highest organ of the party in-between congresses. In light of this, every cadre of the party is reminded that there is no room for concessions with regard to matters of party principles, rules and regulations. We are a revolutionary party, which fought and delivered democracy and the utility of universal suffrage. At all times, we must practise and defend that democracy,” said President Mnangagwa.

The President urged Party members to observe to the letter the provisions of the Party’s constitution, party ideals and ethos.

President Mnangagwa reiterated that all eligible members of the party had a right to participate in the elections, subject to the rules, regulations and procedures and urged the Party’s National Elections Directorate to ensure that the rules and regulations were well clarified, explained, understood and adhered to.

The President challenged Party leaders to value unity and said that violent and divisive elements within the Party would be exposed.

 “As national leaders, individually and collectively, we must move in one accord. Our unity must never be tampered with. Violent and divisive elements must be denounced, exposed and rejected. We are servants of the party and the people of this great country. These are the ideals we set for ourselves from the formative stages of the revolution and our colossal mass party,” President Mnangagwa said.

Meanwhile, the Party informed that aspiring Central Committee members should have served the Party for at least 15 years and above, with a minimum of five years at Provincial level. They should also have a clean criminal record and have not been subjected to a disciplinary hearing in the recent past.