Chiredzi people applauds Pres Mnangagwa

Staff Reporter

The people of Chiredzi North constituency applauded President Mnangagwa for taking time off from his busy schedule to come and interact with them.

The President addressed an estimated 20 000 ZANU PF supporters at Uswaushava Primary School yesterday, thanking them for overwhelmingly voting for the Party during 2018 elections.

Chiredzi North legislator, Royi Bhilla said he was humbled by the President’s visit and said that to reciprocate their love to him, they will mobilise more votes for ZANU PF for next year’s elections.

“I was humbled by the President’s visit. His visit here shows that he takes seriously his mantra of leaving no place and no one behind. We were happy that the President already knows some of our challenges and has promised to immediately address them,” said Bhilla.

Bhilla added that it was important for the President to come and interact with the people who overwhelmingly voted for the Party in 2018.

“Chiredzi North constituency was number one in voting for the Party in 2018. However, we were humbled that the President could take time off his busy schedule to come and say thank you to the people who voted for him. We surely have a listening and a loving President,” added Bhilla.

Bhilla said that he was happy that the President saw it for himself that Chiredzi was a stronghold for the Party, contrary to opposition claims that the elections in Chiredzi North were rigged in 2018.

Villagers in Chiredzi who spoke to this publication also thanked the President for promising to issue them with title deeds before year end.

“I was happy when the President told us that we will be issued with title deeds for our plots before the end of year. We were eagerly waiting for these title deeds,” said Mai Chakanya of Ward 16 in Chiredzi North constituency.

Gideon Mahoso thanked the President for promising to avail grain for all starving families and applauded the President for having the people at heart.

Chief Neuromwe said he was happy that President Mnangagwa in his speech emphasised that people should work hard for the development of their country. He said Zimbabwe could only be developed if people work hand in hand with their Government.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa donated 60 tonnes of AN fertilizers,60 tonnes of basal fertilisers,20 tonnes of maize grain.3 tonnes of tick grease,50 nap sack sprayers and US$50 000 as a way of thanking the Chiredzi North residents for overwhelmingly voting for the Party in 2018.

The President was accompanied by his deputy, Cde Constantino Chiwenga, ZANU PF national chairperson, Oppah Muchinguri, ZANU PF national political commissar, Mike Bimha and other senior Party and Government officials.