ZANU PF is focused on delivering a better life to the people: Pres Mnangagwa

Political Reporter

The ruling ZANU PF Party is only focused on delivering a higher quality of life to the people of Zimbabwe and will always formulate and implement policies aimed at uplifting people from poverty.

Speaking at the ZANU PF 7th National People’s Congress in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa said that ZANU PF has always been a Party for the people and will always put people first.

“During the days of the liberation struggle it was about delivering independence, sovereignty and freedom for the people of our motherland, Zimbabwe. This was accomplished in 1980. ZANU PF delivers. Today, we remain focused on delivering a higher quality of life for our people, no matter where they live. ZANU PF has been about the people, it will always be about the people and for the people. We are a mass Party and our people-centred policies, programmes, values and ethos, will always guide us,” said President Mnangagwa.

The President added that the blood of the freedom fighters continue to embolden the Party to strive for the prosperity of the nation.

President Mnangagwa said that the focus of ZANU PF was to make the land productive and to ensure that that the vast minerals in the country were extracted to the benefit of every Zimbabwean.

“We have our land and together we are making it productive. We have the minerals beneath our land; we are ensuring that these benefit the people of our great country. We have a mission to accomplish; there are lives to improve; communities to develop and a nation to build. This is the focus of ZANU PF now and into the future,” said the President.

President Mnangagwa bemoaned the effects of the illegal sanctions on the country’s economy and said that these illegal embargoes will not deter the Second Republic from delivering a better Zimbabwe for all.

“Despite their negative impact, these illegal sanctions have, however, inspired us that Nyika Inovakwa inotongwa Nevene Vayo, Ilizwe lakhiwa, libuswe ngabanikazi balo. We are looking inward, harnessing our own capabilities and God-given resources to modernise, industrialise and develop a prosperous country as well as opening new frontiers by engaging the whole world,” said President Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, the ZANU PF Congress continues today with President Mnangagwa expected to announce new Central Committee and Politburo members who will hold fort for the next five years.