President Mnangagwa hailed as a unifier

Political Reporter

President Mnangagwa has been described as a unifier and an advocate of peace following his appointment of former ZANU NDONGA president, William Khumbula to be a ZANU PF Central Committee member.

Cde Khumbula, who once contested for the country’s presidency under the banner of ZANU NDONGA, dissolved his party and joined ZANU PF.

ZANU PF delegates to the just ended Congress said President Mnangagwa was a man with a forgiving heart who prioritises unity and political tolerance.

“I was happy with the appointment of Cde Khumbula to the ZANU PF Central Committee. Despite at one time leading an opposition party, Cde Khumbula is a war veteran who worked alongside the likes of Cde Maurice Nyagumbo to recruit soldiers to fight for the liberation of this country. We thank President Mnangagwa for forgiving the past mistakes of Cde Khumbula and readmitting him to the Party,” said one Eunice Chakanya.

A delegate from Mashonaland Central, Ranganai Chiminyu said that history would remember President Mnangagwa as a man who pushed for the unity of all progressive forces to fight for a better Zimbabwe.

“The President recognises that Zimbabwe can only develop when there is unity of purpose within the country. The appointment of Cde Khumbula as a Central Committee member and his readmission into the Party shows that the President is for unity. I just hope that former ZANU NDONGA supporters will follow their leader and join ZANU PF,” said Chiminyu.

Editor Mkwananzi of Mashonaland East said that the appointment of Cde Khumbula to the Central Committee and the recognition of Cde Ndabaningi Sithole as a national hero show that President Mnangagwa was trying to correct our history by giving comrades who participated during the liberation war their rightful status.

Another delegate, Gilbert Chihururu said that the five million votes being targeted by ZANU PF in the next plebiscite was achievable as President Mnangagwa has extended an olive branch to former Party members who were once expelled for various transgressions.

Meanwhile, under President Mnangagwa’s leadership, the likes of Kudzayi Chipanga, Lewis Matutu, Blessing Chebundo and Lilian Timveous, among many others have been readmitted into the Party without conditions.