Residents lambast council for misplaced priority

Staff Reporter

Residents of Harare’s high density suburbs have cried foul over Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led Harare City Council’s decision to prioritise cars over people’s health.

Harare has witnessed a sudden upsurge of diarrhoea cases which have reached over 1 115 cases between 24 October and 20 November, 2022.

According to Harare City Council director of health services, Dr Prosper Chonzi, the outbreak is prevalent in high density suburbs.

A concerned resident in Budiriro 4 Tanyaradzwa Chiwaridzo bemoaned the ignorance by Mayor Jacob Mafume who chose to prioritise the purchase of staff vehicles over the purchase of refuse collection vehicles and medicines for council clinics.

“It is worrisome that HCC has serious misplaced priorities. How can they choose to purchase staff vehicles at a time that we do not have refuse collection trucks.

“Even more worrisome is that council clinics do not have medicines to treat patients. Most patients have their cases referred to Government hospitals because council clinics are incapacitated,” said Chiwaridzo.

A source at Rotten Row has alleged that the prevailing out-break could have been brought under control if HCC leadership in touch with the situation on the ground.

“This outbreak could have been attended to in October but unfortunately our leadership is out of touch with the prevailing situation on the ground,” said the source.

HCC has been engaged in constant conflict with Harare residents for various reasons ranging from lack of running water to pothole riddled roads.

Recently, citizens engaged HCC over blocked drainage systems which brought traffic to a halt in Harare Central Business District (CBD).

HCC’s corrupt activities have also been exposed by Sakunda Holdings following allegations of lack of professionalism by the former in executing the Rufaro stadium renovations deal. Sakunda Holdings withdrew from its commitment to renovate the stadium due to alleged HCC toxicity and lack of desire to see the project go through.