Moyo takes a swipe at Kasukuwere

Staff Reporter

Self-exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo has taken a swipe at the self-proclaimed G40 leader, Saviour Kasukuwere for his political intolerance, inability to take constructive criticism and personalising the political space.

Posting on his official Twitter handle, Moyo revealed that his life was being threatened by Kasukuwere who has been sending him life threatening messages for exercising his freedom of choice on political issues.

“It is not right that some people in opposition ranks think Zimbabwe is theirs alone; that only they have political interests, and have exclusive rights to engage the state; that other Zimbabweans must stay dumb and leave politics to them, even when they're gratuitously provoked.

“Someone just sent me an audacious life-threatening message on WhatsApp simply because I defended myself against his gratuitous public political attack. In politics, there are no sacred cows, and no person has a title deed on Zimbabwe. Accordingly necessary steps have been taken,” said Moyo.

Furthermore, Moyo challenged Kasukuwere’s unproved attack on both him and Patrick Zhuwawo over the apology letter they sent to ZANU PF as well as rubbishing’s claims that he is a descendent of Mbuya Nehanda who is destined to rule Zimbabwe.

“Tyson and his lot wished that his unprovoked attack on me over our apology letter to Zanu PF members would go unchallenged, but I responded with facts, that it is him who has sought forgiveness from Zanu PF bigwigs since 2017, this got me criminally threatened!

“The idea of a God chosen one leader or of a one-party opposition or of some self-proclaimed descendants of Nehanda, destined to rule Zimbabwe come rain or shine is as repugnant and unacceptable as the idea of a one-party state: you cannot oppose the one, to support the other,” Moyo said.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF has welcomed its former members who have written to the Party apologising and seeking readmission, including opposition members who continue to defect to it.  President Emmerson Mnangagwa is on record calling on all Zimbabweans to come and help rebuild Zimbabwe brick by brick to achieve an Upper Middle Income Economy by 2030.