MSD issues a torrential rains alert

Staff reporter

Government through the Department of Civil Protection (DCP) has urged Zimbabweans to be on high alert due to forecasted torrential rains expected to start from Friday 6 through to Sunday 8 January 2023.

The rains are projected to be in excess of 65mm also possing a risk of strong winds with a potential to blow away roofs and uproot trees.

Zimbabweans have been encouraged to stay indoors and to only travel when it is critical to do so. Extra caution on roads was advised in order to avoid dangers in flooded rivers and streams.

“We urge the citizens to take heed of the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) alerts as they continue monitoring the unfolding situation. Citizens should be on the watchout for possible flooding, avoid crossing flooded rivers/streams and stay indoors during this period as the heavy rains may reduce visibility for motorists,” read the statement.

Government implored all relevant stakeholders to speedily disseminate information to the relevant communities in order to avoid human casualties and loss of properties.

“We also call on all relevant stakeholders and traditional leaders to find ways to disseminate the information to their various communities in particular all Mashonaland, Manicaland, parts of the Midlands and Masvingo provinces where heavy rains in excess of 65mm are expected in 24hours,” said the MSD.

An official from the Zimbabwe Fire Brigade (ZFB) has acknowledged that they have been put on high alert and that the organisation stands ready to assist Zimbabweans in case of road traffic accidents and fires that may occur as a result of focasted torrential rains.

Following Cyclone Idai disaster in 2019, Government prioritised and invested in a satellite system ZIMSAT-1 meant to assist with timeous and accurate weather predictions among other things.  This has enabled Government to always be arlet and ready to implement life and propety saving decisions timeously.

Furthermore,  Government has rehabilitated and capacitated disaster prevention agencies, as well as build safe houses on higher ground in order to shelter victims. Also disaster management education programmes have been given a priority by Government.