Tribalism threatens Chamisa’s leadership

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is on the brink of meltdown following CCC’s interim co-vice president Welshman Ncube openly challenging that party leader Nelson Chamisa on tribal basis.

According to a well-placed source, CCC Pumula Member of Parliament (MP) Sichelesile Mahlangu reached out to Chamisa on 3 December 2023 and disclosed that Ncube had accused her of being Chamisa’s puppet.

“Kuthiwa uNcube wathi asingeke sabuswa liShona. Ngakhoke ngibatshelile ukuthi nxa bengakufisi lokho, kaba phume emphathini elomkhokheli oliShona, bandinge owabo oweSiNdebeleni khona, siyabona ukuthi kuyofikaphi,” the source said.

Mahlangu further made claims that she has evidence in the form of WhatsApp messages from CCC administered chat groups, to prove her claims.

Meanwhile, CCC has been battling tribal related factionalism since its launch in January 2022. Ncube and James Sithole have also been implicated as the brains behind Matebeleland Caucus (MC), a militant group which is used to counter and disrupt activities of Chamisa’s loyalists.

The source further revealed that prior to the Mahlangu allegations; there has been on-going factional fights between Ncube/Sithole faction MC and Hellen Zivira’s Boko Haram (BH) as the two factions struggle to take hold of Matebeleland.

“Prior to this Mahlangu incident, Matebeleland Caucus has also been involved in violent confrontations with Hellen Zivira’s Boko Haram,” the source added.

Political commenters have indicated that tribal factions within CCC are a clear manifestation of Chamisa’s failure to resolve the tribal gap that exists within his party. Tribal factionalism has been prevalent within the opposition party dating back to its days as MDC.