Security sector challenged to be on high alert

by Rudo Saungweme

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has challenged the security sector to be on high alert in the wake of increasing national threats that have potential to cause turmoil in the country.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony at the National Defence University today, President Mnangagwa urged the Defence University to continuously assess the country`s security situation and make recommendations.

He also challenged the university to ensure that perspectives and solutions to mitigate modern threats like money laundering, corruption, cybercrime, unemployment and terrorism are also included in national policy proposals.

The President urged the university to open to civilian students.

Supporting the idea of civilian enrolment, a senior government official who declined to be named said, “If the Zimbabwe Defence University offers places to civilian public and private institutions, the university will reflect a true national posture.”

There were 34 senior officers who graduated, six of whom were females and others were drawn from regional and allied forces. The senior officers who graduated comprised of lieutenant-colonels, wing commanders, captains and brigadiers.

The university enrols its students from the Air Force, the Prisons and Correctional Services, the President`s Department for them to sharpen their skills in defence and national security strategy formulation.

It currently offers two programmes which are the National Defence Courses and Master of Science in International Affairs. The course also include the foundational theories and studies on the domestic situation in the country covering social, economic, political and legal systems.

This year’s graduation is the second to be held by the university after its attainment of a university in March 2017. The Interim Vice Chancellor, Air Vice Marshal Mike Tedzani Moyo said the class of 34 graduands was a high-profile group comprising of participants with diverse and rich experiences who include lieutenant-colonels, wing commanders, captains, brigadiers and senior officers.