MDC Alliance not much of an Alliance

by Gift Mashoko

Following MDC Alliance (MDC-A) leader Nelson Chamisa’s court application on Friday 10 August 2018, at the Constitutional Court, which led to the cancelation of President-elect Cde ED Mnangagwa’s inauguration, there has been a lot of talk and speculation about the issue, with some MDC Alliance members saying that Chamisa should accept the Presidential election result as pronounced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and allow the country to move on and rebuild.

One MDC Alliance leader, who preferred to remain anonymous, acknowledged that he felt his party leaders were fighting a losing battle, as they obviously didn’t have enough evidence to back their assertions.

“I might be part of the MDC Alliance leadership, but I personally do not agree with my party’s decision to file papers with the Constitutional Court challenging Cde Mnangagwa’s win as pronounced by ZEC because we are obviously fighting a losing battle,” said the anonymous leader.

“I will just take a back seat at this moment and see how things go, however I will not forsake my MDC Alliance team nekuti kwatakabva ndiko kure,” he added.

The same went on to say that if the leadership would listen to their fellow MDC Alliance members it would help ease up the election tension. He said all they wanted was to be in power but they truly are not ready to lead a country.

“I feel that Chamisa would be at his best if he would listen to other party members and think first before speaking or acting and not just act without thinking.  I feel he is too immature and who just got too excited as he thought he was about to be this country’s leader. He is too young to run this country,” he said.