Factionalism hinders CCC Mugwazo program

Political Reporter

Factionalism within CCC has continued to hinder the success of that party’s Mugwazo rural mobilisation strategy in Goromonzi West constituency.

A source who spoke to this publication said that the Mugwazo programme has totally collapsed in Goromonzi West constituency due to continuous factional fights between Luke Tamborinyoka and Dumani Charehwa.

According to the source, Tamborinyoka has formed a group of people calling itself Team Tambo and this group has been blocking the Goromonzi West Mugwazo team lead by Charehwa and one Murape to carry out its activities.

“The Mugwazo rural mobilisation programme has totally collapsed in Goromonzi West due to factional fights. The faction of Tamborinyoka is fighting with that of Charehwa and Murape. This has disturbed the Mugwazo programme in Goromonzi. Ironically, both teams claim to have the blessings of Chamisa and they tell members that they are Chamisa’s people,” said the source.

According to the source, Tamborinyoka instructed CCC Village Point Persons (VPP) and Polling Station Point Persons (PSPP) not to work with Charehwa and Murape but to report only to him.

The source added that if factional fights in Goromonzi were not addressed immediately, CCC risks fielding double candidates in that constituency as was the case in 2018 when MDC Alliance fielded two candidates, Tamborinyoka and Clifford Nhamburo.

“In 2018, the Goromonzi West Constituency which was billed to be an epic battle between Energy Mutodi and Luke Tamborinyoka turned out to be a hand delivered contest to Mutodi as Tamborinyonya had to split votes against his own colleague in the MDC Alliance, Clifford Nhamburo. The opposition party fielded two candidates who eventually shared the 15 000 votes for the party giving Mutodi a free passage to parliament with 10 000 votes. Chamisa should address factional fights in Goromonzi West if he wants CCC to perform better in the forthcoming elections,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Tamborinyoka has reportedly fallen out of favour with Chamisa and his candidature is likely not going to be endorsed by the CCC leader who now prefers Nhamburo.