Daggers out for Nhende

……as CCC factional fights escalates

Political Reporter

Daggers have been drawn against Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim deputy Youth Assembly spokesperson, Womberai Nhende over abuse of funds and members are calling for his ouster from that party.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Nhende received an undisclosed huge amount from that party’s diaspora members to assist in voter registration but converted the funds for his personal use.

“The youths are calling for Nhende to be expelled from the party because he has been abusing funds meant for other party programs. Recently he received money from the party’s the party’s diaspora community to fund the voter registration exercise but he converted the money to his own personal use. The youths are now tired of Nhende and they want him reprimanded or expelled from the party,” said the source.

The same source added that Nhende was a bully who has no respect for his seniors within CCC. The source further claimed that Nhende was also inciting some CCC youths to resist Nelson Chamisa’s National Youth Taskforce claiming that the group was outside party structures, hence unconstitutional.

“Nhende has no respect for senior party leaders .He always bully other members and claims that he is untouchable. He is now inciting the youths to resist the formation of the National Youth Taskforce by president Chamisa because he is afraid that he and other Youth Assembly members would be relegated to the peripheries of the party’s affairs,” said the source.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Nhende is headed for a clash with Murisi Zwizwai as he is also eyeing the Harare Central seat in the forthcoming elections. Nhende has reportedly told his inner circle that CCC should not continue fielding old and tired candidates like Zwizwai as they have nothing new to offer to the electorate.