Chamisa plots to oust Biti in Harare East constituency

Staff Reporter

Fissures have erupted between Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president, Nelson Chamisa and his deputy, Tendai Biti over Chamisa support of another candidate to contest in Harare East Constituency on behalf of that party.

A source who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity, said that Chamisa was plotting to throw his deputy Biti into the political dustbin and was supporting a youthful Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi’s candidature in Harare East constituency.

“Chamisa has already selected his close ally, Kufahakutizwe to contest in Harare East constituency as he no longer trusts Biti to represent CCC’s political interests in that constituency. Chamisa has already given Kufahakutizwe a green light to challenge Biti for the right to represent CCC in Harare East constituency. It’s now obvious that Biti’s political career as a legislator is hanging by a thread as Chamisa is employing every tactic to dethrone him as Harare East legislator in the forthcoming elections,” said the source.

The source added that Kufahakutiziwe has been organising Mugwazo meetings in Harare East Constituency in a bid to endear himself with the electorate and Chamisa.

“Kufahakutizwe has already started organising Mugwazo meetings in Harare East Constituency in a bid to endear himself with the electorate and Chamisa, this so as to lay his ground work targeting to dethrone Biti,”said the source.

According to the source, Chamisa is of the view that Biti is a deceitful person who has been plotting to take over the CCC presidency with the backing of his Maruva cabal members.

The same source added that the Maruva cabal has vowed to resist any machinations by Chamisa to dethrone Biti as the Harare East legislator.

“The Maruva cabal said that they will not allow a situation where Biti could be challenged by a little known as Kufahakutizwe whom they view as a political toddler who should be nowhere near CCC’s political affairs.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Chamisa and Biti’s animosity dates back to 2014 when Chamisa refused to dump the MDC to form the People's Democratic Party (PDP) as they had initially agreed.

Efforts to get a comment from Biti and Kufahakutizwe were futile as their mobile phones were not reachable.