CCC Mugwazo programme fails in Harare

Staff Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Mugwazo mobilization programme has failed to reap expected results, with reports saying that the programme has totally collapsed in Harare.

At a meeting held in Harare on Saturday, the CCC Organizing Department director, Farai Chinobva confirmed that the Mugwazo programme had been a disaster in Harare.

“At a meeting held in Harare, the Organizing Department led by Farai Chinobva affirmed that the Mugwazo mobilization programme has failed to bring expected results. Chinobva urged the party to come up with another mobilization strategy as Mugwazo programme has totally collapsed,” said the source.

According to the same source, Chinobva said that some sitting legislators and councilors were not participating in the Mugwazo and threatened that the same would not be recommended to represent that party in the forthcoming elections.

The source also informed that Chinobva claimed that it was now highly unlikely for CCC to get its target of 1.5 million votes in Harare in the forthcoming elections due to rampant disorder in that party.

Meanwhile, in the same meeting, Harare Central legislator, Murisi Zwizwai castigated that party's Organizing Department for failing to lead the Mugwazo mobilization excercise.Zwizai said that information on Mugwazo programme was shrouded in secrecy and urged that the same information should be cascaded to the grassroots through that party's parliamentary chief whip, innocent Gonese.