Discord in CCC over candidates selection

Political Reporter

There is massive discord within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) with reports saying that National Elections Department (NED) director, Charles Madhiwa was at loggerheads

with that party’s Director in the National Organising Department Farai Chinobva over 2023 elections candidate selection.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Madhiwa was complaining that Chinobva intended to lead the consensus based candidate selection exercise with a view to side-lining him.

“There is massive discord within CCC over the selection of candidates to represent the party in the coming elections. Madhiwa is accusing Chinobva of pushing for a consensus based candidate selection process without consulting others. Madhiwa is arguing that Chinobva was side-lining the National Election Department, although it is the department that should have an oversight over election issues,” said the source.

According to the source, Madhiwa was fuming that Chinobva and his team wanted to double dip financial resources associated with NED and at the same time control resources associated with the organising department in the run up to elections.

The same source added that Madhiwa had no kind words with Chinobva whom he described as a political amateur bent on causing divisions within CCC.

“Madhiwa has described Chinobva as a political amateur who should be nowhere near the organising department. According to Madhiwa, both Chinobva and the interim organising department secretary, Amos Chibaya were not suitable candidates to lead that department. Madhiwa was also complaining that Chinobva and Chibaya have failed to run the Mugwazo mobilisation programme,” said the source.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Nelson Chamisa will appoint candidates to represent CCC in the forthcoming elections after ‘consultation with the grassroots.’ It is reported that aspiring candidates have been showering Chamisa with some goodies and money to enhance their chances of being nominated to represent that party in the forthcoming elections.