CCC factional feuds escalate

Political Reporter

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party is set to implode in Masvingo before the forthcoming elections as that party’s senior members; Amos Chibaya and Sessel Zvidzai are fighting for the control of that province.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Chibaya, who is CCC interim National Organising Secretary and that party’s Chivi District cluster leader, is at loggerheads with Gutu District Cluster leader, Zvidzai and their differences were now affecting CCC programs in Masvingo district.

According to the source, Chibaya is creating parallel structures in Masvingo and is working in cahoots with CCC interim National Executive Committee (NEC) member, Eveline Masaiti to undermine Zvidzai’s leadership in Gutu.

“All is not well in Masvingo as Chibaya and Zvidzai are fighting for the control of the province. Zvidzai is accusing Chibaya of creating parallel structures to undermine him in Gutu district. Zvidzai is saying that Chibaya has secretly appointed Masaiti to be the shadow leader Gutucluster,” said the source.

The source added that Chibaya and Zvidzai belonged to different factions and the duo’s fight would not end soon as they were both eyeing the national chairmanship position.

“The feud between Chibaya and Zvidzai is propelled by the fact that they belong to two different factions. Zvidzai subscribes to the camp that is calling for an elective congress to be held before elections. On the other side, Chibaya is Chamisa’s blue-eyed boy and is against the holding of congress arguing that it would disturb the party ahead of elections.

“Zvidzai and Chibaya are also fighting as they are both eyeing the national chairmanship position that has become vacant due to Tabitha Khumalo’s illness and the incarceration of her deputy, Job Sikhala,” added the source.

The same source added that Chibaya was the root of all the chaos in Masvingo as he was also working with Rosiwita Madzivire to undermine that party’s National Women’s Assembly Chairperson, Mucharairwa Mugidho, who is also Masvingo District cluster leader.

Meanwhile, CCC interim co-deputy president and Masvingo Province Chief Champion, Lynnette Karenyi-Kore is being accused of failing to control the province and some members are calling for Nelson Chamisa to reign in Chibaya and Zvidzai as their differences might cost that party in the forthcoming elections.