Chin’ono switches his allegiance to Chapman

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change activist and journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono has reportedly switched his political allegiance to Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) party leader, Robert Chapman following his fallout with Nelson Chamisa.

According to a source who spoke to this publication, Chin'ono accused Chamisa of ignoring his advice in favour of Gift 'Ostallos' Siziba and Fadzayi Mahere.

“Chin’ono has parted ways with Chamisa and is now working with Chapman. If you have noticed, Chin’ono has been praising Chapman describing him as an affluent and best politician,” said the source.

The source claims that Chin'ono has been secretly meeting with Chapman whom he has since labelled as a presidential material.

The source added that Chin'ono had been complaining to Chapman that he has become weary of counselling Chamisa because the latter only pays attention to his close lieutenants.

According to the source, certain CCC members, including Tawanda Muchehiwa, have started criticizing Chin'ono on social media, calling him a sell out and a man of double standards.

“CCC youths are upset with Chin'ono, and some of them have started cyber-bullying him. The youths believe Chin'ono never truly supported CCC but instead sought to utilize the party's name to raise money for him,” the source claimed.

The same source claimed that Chin'ono deserted Chamisa in a bid to line himself to Chapman's purse after realizing that he has a solid campaign war chest. The source added that Chin'ono was an activist who became involved in politics purely for financial gain.

Meanwhile, Chamisa is reportedly losing his long-time supporters as they now see him as a tyrant and a haughty politician who doesn't want to listen to anyone's advice. According to the allegations, Chamisa's autocratic behaviour has caused him to lose the respect of the majority of academics and activists.