Ruhanya turns house into a political office

Staff Reporter

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) lecturer Pedzisai Ruhanya, has turned his BluffHill house in Harare, into a political office; where meetings for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), are taking place.

A source that spoke to this publication said that Ruhanya’s house at number 2336 Lavernharm road BluffHill has become a haven for CCC meetings.

“Ruhanya’s house in Bluffhill has become a haven for CCC, it is where they hold their secret meetings and has become more of a secret society, that seeks to assume the levers of power within the party and the meetings have become more frequent,” said the source.

Additionally, the same source added that during these secret meetings it emerged that Ruhanya is plotting to dethrone Goodrich Chimbaira in CCC Zengeza East constituency in the forthcoming elections.

“Ruhanya is plotting to dethrone CCC Zengeza East legislator, Chimbaira and is working with other CCC members to execute this plan.

“Ruhanya claims that he is academically gifted than Chimbaira hence he should be given the chance to represent the party. More so Ruhanya is also of the view that he has the political muscle to dethrone Chimbaira who has seemingly fallen out of favour with the electorate and other CCC members,” said the source.

According to the source other CCC members such as Costa Muchingauta and Charlton Hwende have been frequenting the Bluff hill house for some of the secret meetings.

Meanwhile, Ruhanya is believed to belong to the Maruva Cabal, a faction that is opposed to Chamisa’s leadership.