CCC implodes

Staff reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa is in the process of laying off that party’s technical staff including his close security aides as factional ructions take an offensive turn ahead of the general harmonised elections.

Revelations are that Chamisa has since directed his Chief of Staff, Trust Mamombe to initiate the process immediately.

A source within the CCC youth executive told this publication that the CCC technical staff, including Chamisa’s security aides, have been raising concerns over the non-payment of their salaries and asking accountability of the money donated to that party by well-wishers.

“CCC technical staff last received their salaries in March 2022 whilst the security aides last received their US$100 salary in December 2022. Chamisa is reportedly accusing the technical staff and his security aides of being used by CIO,” said the source

The source added that Chamisa also threatened Mamombe with termination of contract after he had raised concern with his boss over the decision to fire the entire technical staff and security aides. Mamombe reportedly feared that the development would further weaken the party and that the fired will expose the rot to the funders.

“Mamombe was directed to expeditiously terminate contracts of the entire technical staff including those of Chamisa’s security aides. To cover up and justify the termination of contracts, Chamisa is accusing them of being moles within the party,” said the source.

Meanwhile, a splinter faction in that party, Maruva cabal, continues to claim that its tentacles were far reaching.