PVO Bill a thorn to regime change agents

Staff Reporter

Several countries are enacting laws that regulate the operations of the Private Voluntary Organisations (PVOs) in their countries following realization that they have been clandestinely used as conduits for nefarious activities, The Harare Post can report.

Making reference to similar laws within the region and beyond, political analyst from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Roseline Makoto made reference to the PVO regulations in Rwanda and Mozambique in relation to their country’s laws.

Makoto noted that similar to Zimbabwe’s requirements for the registration of PVOs, Rwanda and Mozambique require proper documentation before registering their PVOs.

 “Other countries in the region require proper documentation before they accept any PVO to register. Mozambique`s Creation, Organization and Operation of Non-Profit Organisations Bill Article 46 provides that, the authorization and registration of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations will be subject to specific regulations.

“Article 52 (1) (j) requires, among other things, that foreign Non-Governmental Organizations submit quarterly, biannual, and annual reports during and at the end of programs and projects. Article 52(5) makes clear that different reports should be submitted to agencies at different levels of Government,” said Makoto

Makoto stated that Rwanda’s codification on PVOs, states that for the international NGOs to register in their country, they need the Power of Attorney from the INGO head office, Annual Action plan and budgets indicating administration or office expenditures, valid MoU issued by the partnering line Ministry and the INGO organogram.

She further lambasted the United States of America (US) for stating that   Zimbabwe is using draconian laws whereas their laws also require NGOs to register in their country if they have a proper paper trail.

“The United States of America which portrays itself as a master of democracy is implementing stringent laws, for the protection of their states. Condition 5 of their Statutory Instrument (S.I) 203.3 states that, a PVO must account for its funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), have sound financial statements to the public upon request, and expend and distributes its fund in accordance with the annual report of program activities,” she said.

Meanwhile, the PVO Bill in Zimbabwe seeks to upgrade the financial accountability of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), monitor funding in Zimbabwe and how funds are used within these NGOs just like other countries in the region and abroad.