Mahere secretly meets US VP

Political Reporter

As the 2023 Harmonized General Elections inch closer, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC); has heightened engagements with its Western handlers through secret meetings in and outside Zimbabwe.

The Harare Post has it on good authority that CCC interim spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere left for Lusaka Zambia on 27 March 2023, for a secret meeting in the neighbouring country. Mahere reportedly left the country on the pretext that she would be attending a conference in Zambia whose details she could not share even with her close relatives.

A source privy to the developments confided to the Harare Post that Mahere indeed had a meeting with the United States Vice President, Kamala D Harris, who was in Zambia at the time she departed Zimbabwe.

The source informed that, “Advocate had a brief conversation with her father (Dr Stephen Mahere) who was eager to establish her daughter’s business in Zambia. She just remarked that ‘l am taking off for Lusaka. We have a conference there and l will be back in the country on Wednesday (29 March 2023).”

According to the source the father further quizzed her if she was going to meet Harris to which she replied “l cannot say much and you know why for the obvious reasons ‘dad’. I don’t know as yet, she might come, but hopefully she will come. Maybe we might meet up with her.”

A private security contractor, Rodgers Muzariri, who served in the British Reserve Infantry in Iraq indicated that when a top US official is set to meet foreign contacts, CIA operatives in the host country take over liason. It automatically becomes a top secret operation and subjects are starved of the specifics.

“From the looks of things, she was withholding the specifics and that is obvious at the instruction of organisers of the said conference. This is perhaps to maintain good working diplomatic relations between Harare and Lusaka,” deciphered Muzariri.