Town Clerk, CCC Councillors face abuse of power charges

Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Councillors, have been charged for illegally allocating industrial stands, the Harare Post has learnt.

According to CCC activist and journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono CCC councillors were arrested and charged with criminal abuse of office.

“Harare’s Town Clerk, Mabhena Moyo and seven CCC Councillors were arrested and charged with criminal abuse of office in a matter regarding council land. The seven councillors are Costa Mande, Gilbert Hadebe, Loveness Gomba, Happymore Gotora, Ian Makone, Tendai Matafi and Stanley Manyenga,” said Chin’ono.

Additionally, the State led by Mr Pardon Dziva alleged that the Councillors, acting under the backing of the Finance and Development Committee, decided to unlawfully allocate themselves as members of that committee plus senior municipal officials commercial or industrial stands under the guise that the applicants for the stands were indigenous people who intended to carry out business on leased council land.

Meanwhile, speaking to this publication a political analyst, Terrence Chipwanya, said that the accused were corrupt opportunist who could do anything to line their pockets.

“The CCC Councillors are corrupt opportunists and they have no remorse. These corrupt charges levelled against them are befitting. Remember (CCC leader) Nelson Chamisa had to fire the majority of them in Chitungwiza at one point.

“During their tenure they have not made any efforts to improve people’s livelihoods. Instead, they continue to abuse their positions for selfish purposes. They must ensure that they deliver to the people who elected them into office,” said Chipwanya.