City of Harare warns on Cholera outbreak

Staff Reporter

The Harare City Council (HCC) has

warned Harare residents on the Cholera outbreak that has hit the nation and has now spread into the Capital.

Speaking in a WhatsApp message circulating on social media platforms today, the HCC Public Affairs officer, Christopher Muchena advised the Harare residents to be on high alert and practise utmost hygiene so as to curb the spread of this orally transmitted disease.

“This serves to confirm that we have an outbreak of cholera in the City of Harare. We now have 21 suspected cases and 7 confirmed cases. These are mainly coming from the Western suburb that is Budiriro which has 4 of the confirmed cases, Glen-view has 2 and Mount Pleasant Heights has 1.This means that we should take this outbreak seriously because it has the potential to spread like veld fire.

“So we need to be on high alert everywhere where there are no cases currently. We also want people to know that this is an orally transmitted disease. One can only get sick if he or she eats or drinks something that is contaminated with the Vibrio cholerae bacteria that cause Cholera,” said Muchena.

Muchena highlighted that the people could only get sick if they consume food or water that is contaminated and that they must avoid drinking water that is contaminated from shallow wells, boreholes and other sources. He advised the residents to treat all the water by boiling or by using aqua tablets so as to destroy the bacteria.

He further encouraged the members of the public to practise good personal hygiene.

“People must practise good personal hygiene. Wash your hands before you eat anything and before using the toilet. Eat your food whilst it is hot; avoid eating on gatherings and buying food from any source which is not licensed. Cholera is a preventable disease so it is important to practise good hygiene and sanitation everywhere including giving these messages to children in the areas which have experienced positive cases. Vaccinations are also available at the clinics,” he said.

Meanwhile, Muchena has urged the public to visit the nearest clinic if they suspect that they have been infected with the bacteria and that the people must take fluids as their first aid so as to rehydrate their bodies.