Gas and oil scouting continues in Muzarabani

Staff Reporter

Oil and gas exploration is continuing in Muzarabani with Invictus company

announcing that it has started the drilling of the Mukuyu two well to ascertain if the amount of oil and gas deposits.

A source from the Australian-headquartered firm, Invictus informed this publication that the company was in the advanced stages of scouting for oil and gas in Zimbabwe’s Cabora Bassa Basin region in Muzarabani,

"Invictus, a firm scouting for oil and gas in Zimbabwe’s Cabora Bassa Basin region in Muzarabani, has commenced Mukuyu-2 appraisal well and phase 2 exploration programmes," said the source.

The same source further mentioned that these were appraisal wells which were drilled after the discovery of oil so as to measure the size of hydrocarbon deposit.

"Appraisal wells are additional wells drilled after discovery, to confirm the size of a hydrocarbon deposit. They are normally used to run buildup tests, drill stem tests, top and bottom of formation, gather core or fluid samples or other evaluations," said the source.

In addition, the source also revealed that efforts to drill Mukuyu 2 were as a result of the drilling success of Mukuyu 1 as the exploration would bring more potential towards the commercialization of oil in Zimbabwe.

"Zimbabwe’s oil well in Muzarabani, Mukuyu-1,and the yet to be drilled Mukuyu-2 has been classified as one of the “key wells” by Westwood Global Energy Group, which means it has potential to help Africa and Zimbabwe return to high-impact exploration status this year," said the source.

 Zimbabwe has been endowed with a number of minerals and the discovery of oil and gas in the Cabora Bassa Basin would be a plus for the realization of Vision 2030.