Sikhala’s ally evicts CCC from offices

Political Reporter

Tafadzwa Musekiwa, Job Sikhala’s close ally, has evicted Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party from its rented offices at number 4 Hilmoton in Malbereign,

Harare, in retaliation to that party’s alleged ill treatment of Sikhala.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Musekiwa, a former Zengeza opposition legislator, was irked by how CCC has abandoned Sikhala during his time of need and has resolved to chuck that party off from his premises.

“It’s true that CCC has been evicted from its rented offices in Malbereign. Musekiwa told the party leadership that he was owed thousands of dollars in rental. However, when the party tried to settle the outstanding rental arrears, Musekiwa refused saying that he had already found new tenants. The truth is that Musekiwa is punishing CCC for allegedly abandoning his friend Sikhala and his family,” said the source.

The source added that Sikhala was the one who pushed Musekiwa to evict CCC from the offices to derail that party’s preparation for this year’s elections.

“Despite Musekiwa being the owner of the property, it was not his wish to evict CCC. However, he is just following the wishes of his friend Sikhala. Sikhala is the one who told Musekiwa to evict CCC because the party was failing to push for his release from remand prison,” said the source.

The same source added that the eviction of CCC from its rented offices had caused uproar within that party as members were accusing Nelson Chamisa of misappropriating funds meant for payment of rentals.

“The eviction has left a number of CCC senior members seething with anger as they are accusing Chamisa of misappropriating funds meant for payment of rentals. Members are now demanding that Chamisa should account for every monetary donation he received from the party’s diaspora members,” said the source.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the Sesedza Movement, a faction within CCC, was contemplating supporting Sikhala’s presidential candidature in the event that he is released from prison before elections.