MDC on sporadic demos

by Patience Rashai

Derailed MDC Alliance supporters have indicated that they are bracing for sporadic demonstrations countrywide in the event that the Constitutional Court’s outcome on the electoral issue is in favour of President elect, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

One of the members of the Democratic Resistance Committee, a sub-committee within the MDC Alliance, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that they were in the process of mobilising funds and willing supporters to demonstrate against authorities in the event of an unfavourable ruling for their leader, Nelson Chamisa.

“We were tasked to mobilise supporters and electoral agents to demonstrate and perpetuate acts of violence at provincial Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) offices and in town once unfavourable verdict has been passed. And I heard that all other provinces are doing the same.

“The main hindrance for now has been funds which we haven’t received from head office since the last demonstration, after elections. They promised to give us money and till now hapana chakauya.

“No one is keen to work for free, vakutya kufira mafufu segonzo, woti hapana mari apa madhara chaiwo vana Biti vakujeri vega, Chamisa akavata hake kumba kwake, ma1 chaiwo.” (People aren’t willing to demonstrate and sacrifice for nothing. Look at big guns like Biti who is now facing his ordeal with the courts on his own, while Chamisa is safe at his home) he added.

Despite constant calls for peace by the President elect ED Mnangagwa, members of the international community, civil society organisations and churches, MDC seems adamant on demonstrations as the only way of settling disputes.