Alleged ZANU-PF political violence dismissed

by Tapiwa Mutonhodzi

Allegations that ZANU-PF perpetrated political violence against MDC Alliance members in Muzarabani South Constituency after the 30 July 2018 polls have been dismissed by Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT).

HZT Muzarabani District Co-ordinator, Shylock Rumezo, said the alleged perpetrator of violence, Ward 22 Councillor-elect, Sarudzai Mutyavaviri, did not threaten any MDC Alliance supporters.

“ZANU-PF Councillor-elect, Mutyavaviri, made no threats to unleash violence on MDC Alliance supporters, as reported by MDC Alliance activist to the HZT,” said Rumezo.

Rumezo also said on contact with MDC Alliance Muzarabani South District Assembly Chairperson, Joyce Mufira, it was revealed that there was no violence perpetrated against MDC Alliance.

“The HZT fact finding team also contacted MDC Alliance Muzarabani South District Assembly Chairperson, Mufira, on 13 August 2018, over the violence allegations. Mufira rubbished the reports of political violence against Alliance supporters, and said the Alliance members had made false testimonies to HZT,” said the HZT Muzarabani District Co-ordinator.

Harare Post has established that, Bindura MDC Alliance Provincial Assembly Secretary, Faith Musarurwa, is organising stage managed cases of political violence against ZANU-PF. Musarurwa also continues to urge the MDC Alliance members to make false allegations against ZANU-PF as a tactical move to seek money from NGOs.