Factional fights rock the CCC

Staff Reporter

Factional fights are threatening to tear the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) apart as factional bosses are interfering with the candidate selection process.

A source who spoke to this publication revealed that CCC faction leaders were compromising the candidate selection process by imposing candidates who used to be members of their former political parties before they formed an alliance with Nelson Chamisa.

According to the source, the CCC had three distinct factions: one led by Nelson Chamisa, the Sesedza Movement faction led by Tendai Biti, and another faction jointly led by Welshman Ncube and Thabitha Khumalo.

"CCC is rocked by factional fights, and these fights are threatening to tear the party apart. The factional leaders are interfering with the candidate selection process as they are making frantic efforts to impose their cronies from their former political parties as candidates," said the source.

The source added that the factional fights were rampant in Headlands, Makoni West, Hwange West, and Chinhoyi constituencies.

"These factional fights are mostly manifesting in Makoni West, Hwange West, Headlands, and Chinhoyi constituencies. The party leadership should address these fights as they are threatening to destroy the party. If these factional fights are not addressed quickly, then CCC risks fielding weaker candidates who will be easily defeated by ZANU PF candidates," added the source.

According to the source, CCC organizing secretary, Amos Chibaya has since directed one Itai Masaka to deal with factional fights in Makoni and Headlands constituencies.

Chibaya reportedly also tasked one Sylvester Zwambila and Caroline Ndhlovu to deal with factional fights in Chinhoyi and Hwange West constituencies respectively.

The CCC is failing to conclude its candidate selection process amid allegations of massive interference by that party’s bigwigs as they are all secretly trying to consolidate their former political parties by imposing candidates of choice. The candidate selection process is reportedly dividing CCC and widening rifts ahead of this year’s plebiscite slated for 23 August.