Zimbabwe is still a safe destination

by Elijah Chihota

Zimbabwe is still a safe destination for those people who want to travel to the country as tourists or scouting for business and investment opportunities despite a travel warning issued by the United States government.

The travel warning borders more on spiteful besmirching of the country than genuine security concerns as none exist.

“Zimbabwe is experiencing civil unrest, violence, and heightened political tension following the general elections held on July 30, 2018 the security situation remains volatile,” read the US travel warning.

Zimbabweans did not lightly take these shenanigans by the US and took to their Twitter handles to express their dismay at that country’s actions.

“I was in Victoria Falls 2 weeks ago, it was packed with Europeans, Asians, Africans from other countries and I'm sure even Americans. Zimbabwe is a safe destination and is open for business! Nothing is going to kill our momentum,” tweeted Bibi‏ @hesedgal.

“(This is) obviously wrong information from the lying pastor (MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa) and incompetent lawyers like Doug Coltart,” Lawpi@Zim‏ @Wezhaz33 tweeted.

The US takes its fight with Zimbabwe to all frontiers. It started with passing sanctions under ZIDERA in 2001, but this did not work as the country and its citizens soldiered on stoically. Recently, the US extended sanctions under ZIDERA. However, other countries seem to have seen through the US shenanigans and continue to trade with Harare. If anything, the US is doing its citizens a disservice by extending sanctions and issuing baseless travel warning. General Electric (GE), an American firm, responded to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for investment in the country by expressing interest in the Batoka Gorge Power Project. Given the American government’s position, one is no longer sure if GE will continue. It is GE that stands to lose out in the potential deal than Zimbabwe and Zambia as the two countries can always secure new investors.

The European Union has also followed in the steps of the US by calling for time bound political and economic reforms as a condition for attracting fresh capital from the West.

A walk across Harare would reveal people moving freely and carrying out their day to day duties in a manner which shows that peace prevails in the country. This leaves people wondering where the US is getting such toxic information.